Running on empty…pockets that is.

This Saturday tune in to gyroscope radio at 6:00PM on to listen to “Rated M” where a panel of all women discuss topics that deal with women! I am so excited that I am using my talents and everyone has been so supportive. I’ve been befriended by all of these amazing, intelligent, innovative and artistic and wonderful people.

So what do you do when you have your dream job, but you can’ t get to it? My mom and I essentially share a car even though the car is under her name. She has this Medicaid insurance but since she’s unsure about what it exactly covers she is wary about letting me drive it far.

This just in: the tire light came on.

“Well, put air in it,” you say.

We did that to no avail. We have to get it checked and we probably need a new tire which neither of us has money for. So I take the bus. No biggie. I have taken the bus all my life. But the bus cost money too. Most of which I am saving for training to be a substitute teacher which will, in the long run, make me money.

I’m hoping this blog will reach the struggling intern and the entry level worker who can only afford Nissan Noodles; because this happens. Sometimes grown up life means you have to struggle to do what you love.

And I’m here to say I’m hanging by a thread with you. May the Lord keep us both.

Some tips for saving money:

Use every resource you got: Ask friends for favors, take money from your savings (a reasonable amount), ask granny for enough to get you by. Just don’t forget all the people who helped you out when you get to the top.

Put first priorities first: I know you miss your best friend but that big project is not going to finish itself. If they are really your friend they will be available when you really have the time to hang.


Don’t make big commitments when you can not deliver. That’s a step on the road to self sabotage. Take a moment to think if you really have the means to accomplish certain task. Sometimes on the road to success there are some opportunities you may have to pass up.

Don’t try to do it all but make all that you do count.

I really need to establish a regular posting date. I mean in my mind its Sunday and Wednesday. Sunday and Wednesday. Sunday and Wednesday. Sunday and Wednesday. Maybe if I type it enough, my fingers won’t be able to flex without touching the keys of my laptop.

My laptop is staying with me by the way. Dell will have to long- term screw someone else’s computer. I’m going to put editing software on mine and suffer with my ethernet cord until I buy mac.


Many a great thing my life has happening in.

=-) I mean many great things have been happening in my life. The Ivanhoe Artist Mosaic of Paterson, NJ has been providing a platform for art mediums even before it became a non – profit in 2006. The city wants to take the building away from them and rent it out to other organizations. In order to sway their decision, the Ivanhoe group need to provide “just cause” of them utilizing the building. They put on mucho events and all events are paid for by donations and membership funds. What is the city talking about?

Moving on I volunteered to film a mini doc in support of the Ivanhoe. So I have been filming that. And I have begun the editing process. And I promise I will be blogging about that assuming the frustration hasn’t consumed me and I haven’t sworn off all technology. =-)

The busiest girl with no job…ok I’m exaggerating

First and foremost I am sorry I have not posted anything in a while. I am still blessing this blog via ethernet. Dell and Comcast are on my $h*# list. But I should probably shut up because I might need to work for them some day.

For whatever reason, apparently unknown to man, my computer will not connect to the wifi. I have acquired a new router, Dell has uninstalled and reinstalled drivers, they leeched on to my computer via tech assist. (It let’s someone control your computer via internet.) And nothing…wait I lied. The bars icon at the bottom of my desktop will appear to be connecting now but when I try to connect to a web page it says I have no connection. no-connection-512I am beyond frustrated. So beyond. Now dell wants to take my computer for two weeks to replace the wifi card “which appears to have no problem.” Not that I can’t make due without technology for two weeks, BUT THIS IS RIDICULOUS! When I asked how long would it take to receive a new computer there was a pause and redirection of conversation. It was similar to someone making a rude comment in conversation and the other parties dismissing the comment for the offender’s sake. They of course do not want to give away a computer oh no. Whoosaaaah. Ok.

I can’t remember Monday but Tuesday I volunteered at a soup kitchen in Newark on Martin Luther King Boulevard. The volunteers were characters indeed and the conversation was outrageous.  IMG_0105Mr. T, Ms. Shannon and Lisa thought they would scare me away with their…ideologies. I had been told that I would be eaten if there was a nuclear, apocalyptic explosion because the plants would be too poisonous. Mr. T and I thoughtfully countered that our flesh would also be poisonous. But our other two contenders argued we would taste better than the plants and berries. Smh.

IMG_0108In spite of my new friends’ particular taste, I was happy to be there serving. I was …ahem a little late. But I was still able to serve those who came lingering in after the rush. I was glad to know I was able to provide a hot meal to the less fortunate. There is a joy in knowing they didn’t have to spend their whole day starving. Honestly, I’ve always been a little nervous about helping the homeless or assisting children with special needs. I thought they would be mean to me because of their position in life. I’ve had an an experience where I asked someone if she wanted me to buy her something to eat and she was rather grumpy as she said “no.”  As she spread out her blanket to cover her huge blue bags which were spilling over I understood why. I still gave her a few dollars and she said thank you. But those who came in for a plate the day I volunteered, who were less fortunate than me, were kind to me. At first, I averted my eyes when I handed them napkins and utensils. But I realized that was foolish. So I looked each one of them in their eyes. And I saw people who breathe and even eat as I do.

Setting up the softboxes

I am no fixer upper. I have not a mind of the technical sort but I set up two softboxes today like a… novice.

Mission: Set up lights

What I thought I heard: Set up lights and rearrange furniture.

Tools: Directions, brain, hands

So I set up two softboxes big woof, right?

Well not for me. These are the things I am nervous about doing on my own when I land a job or the less desired internship. There are places in media – well anywhere really – where you won’t get many chances. And if you don’t know the basics – a softbox is basic – you might as well not read the job description.

I had done setups in schools for various events. They were done with instruction, little instruction, with help and independently. With no help I’ve had low audio, bad lighting and frames that were too wide. But those were the times you wanted to mess up; so you could learn. Practice makes perfect, right? Except I have not been practicing. And I still don’t feel comfortable doing everything – even the basics.

Today mirrored the real world in the sense I was a given a job and that job was to be completed. Point. Blank. Period. This was a ‘little instruction’ job. In addition to the lights, I also had to set up two cranes. Say whaaaaaaaat?! Now that I have never done before. And yet I succeeded. I even was able to identify a simple problem. My boss TR had not ordered the correct tripod for one of the cranes. (Jibs and tripods are basically the same the same thing) 

The tripods were too light and did not provide the correct the nuts and bolts since they were intended for lighting. The crane was heavy and simple enough to set up. But one of the mistakes I make is I look at a situation, which may not be familiar or comfortable and say, “Oh s*$@.” Employers are looking for the employee to roll up their sleeves and just do it. So I got to it. Afterwards, I realized the task was elementary. Any mistakes I might have made – pleading the fifth – no one saw. That is until TR came in and asked why I was rearranging the furniture. But I put it back together quickly – which is important – and my job was done correctly.

THE BIG PLUS: I  am becoming more comfortable with setting up alone and following through with little instruction – also of great importance.

Way back when

This was the first episode to my mini series chronicling my last semester of college. I wish I could have shown how confused I was during the process of making it. This blog is a continuation of this mini series. More videos would have followed in this series for your viewing pleasure but when my camera was in commission – well let’s say my mind was not to the plow then.

So if it tickles your fancy, you have these fine readings from me instead. But more is yet to come. I’ve learned as a youngin’ that you have to strike while the iron is hot. I definitely have passed on some opportunities that would have at least provided a good learning experience for me. For example, this post my friend shared with me from Craigslist: in short, “Artistic painting studio hiring…must be able to work this weekend.” Whaaaaat?! Look, is it my major?Absolutely not – I mean I have a pretty nice portrait of an apple I did with some charcoal but all else after that is a compilation of stick figures. But it was a way to make some quick money and I could have walked to the place. Palm thrown to forehead.

As of late, I have been provided an opportunity to work with Ms. Tr, a radio host who is starting her own production company. I’m in the process of helping her set up her equipment. There is potential for experience as much as not what I thought it would be…ness.

No Wifi

IMAG0770How will I live? Am I dramatic much …yes. Actually, there is Wifi in my house but as far as my laptop is concerned, connection is non- existent. I requested a new router from Comcast and will have to pay the $30 for the “visitor” who brought it to my house. This is due to my mom’s refusal to taking the box out of the house for an exchange because she did not want to miss any phone calls.

Maybe if I had kept the old box my wireless connection would have had a chance. But even after Dell -my laptop is a Dell- took hours re-installing the operating system and re-installing my drivers, I still see only the yellow triangle with the exclamation mark in the middle. What does that mean? “You shall not pass”… unless thou has an ethernet cable. So, I am stranded in my mother’s room to use the internet until Dell provides a rematch for no connection Ali. Right now their systems are down – I think they are just tired of dealing with me.

As I sit here – ethernet bound – I think about where I went wrong in my life. Lol, I mean, here I am without a job – I quit my Wendy’s gig. I quit in order to put my mind to the plow in the search for the television and media professions that I studied for. More than ever I realize that it is who you know. I’ve applied and judiciously chose what job would be right for me but without the connections pfft, I got nothing.

So this blog is my experiences on me endeavoring into the world to get a job. Interviews, meet and greets, costful travels. Which reminds me, I need money. So someone please tell me how do I make money when I have no money? Oh the conundrums.