Wrench in the works

At the interview, my mic was working fine and then it stopped.

I suspected this would happen to one mic. I used up much of the battery testing everything to make sure their would be no hiccups. One went out on me the night before. But I didn’t suspect both wireless mics – that I had only bought the day before – to go out on me.

*hand hits head

I should have bought extra batteries. After all I’ve learned the least I could have done for myself is to remember to buy extra batteries.

It was down to my recorder – my trusty recorder – that captures exceptional audio. And this much it did. The interview was saved and went quite well despite my hiccups. On my way home I noticed my bag was leaking. I stopped in Penn Station to use the bathroom and to discover a pool in my purse.

I poured it out to into the toilet in order to avoid making a mess. And I lost some of my personables in the public toilet that I did not be retrieve. Not the recorder however. That suffered a far worse fate.

My recorder was soaked from the inside out. Luckily it still turned on. I shut it off feeling relieved. But I didn’t transfer the files when I got home so when I finally tried to …

my recorder would not turn on.

What am I to do?

I read on a forum to take the batteries out and let it air dry for a few days. The author swore by it. My last day is Friday. I’ve been sending prayers up for my little recorder ever since I discovered how sick it was. I hope Friday holds more miracles than only being the last day in the work week.

I bought my own equipment

So I finally did the grown- up media freelance thing.

I bought my own equipment.

That’s right I looked in three electronic stores downtown, Elizabeth and finally found what I needed; two wireless mics and a big receiver. I wanted two smaller receivers but I was doing an interview in two days; I could take what I could get.


I walked in, tested it paid $107 for it. Now this is important – but back to that later. I went home and tested everything. My mic wire was too short and I needed an adapter. I decided to take it back get the less expensive wireless lavalier that I needed.

I took it back and did not read the fine print on the receipt.

No refunds only store credit.

Crap. I did not have the funds to buy what I really needed unless I returned this. The salesman thought he had a better solution; he threw in an adapter for free and $10 wire. Which was double the value he was charging me. I tested my new additions in the store to see if my problem was fixed. With my situation improved I made another decision.


I was going to get that $10 wire for free. See, last night after I tested my equipment I wanted to find out how much of a good deal I had. The system I bought for $107 was being sold online for $40.

He had already overcharged me but he wasn’t going to get anymore. I prayed to the Lord, “please let me argue this man down into getting this wire for free.”

When it came down to paying the additional fees I said,

“I’m going to take this wire for free.”

Sales Man: “No. This is $30 and I’m giving to you for $10.”

“No, you said the wire was $20. And I found this same system online for $40. You already made your money off of me so I think I deserve this wire for free.”

Sales Man: “Sometimes people order offline and they don’t really get what they think they’re ordering-”

“I found this system for $40.”

The man stood quiet for a  while and then said…


I had to laugh.

Sales Man: “What you don’t want to pay $5?”

“No. I said I want it for free.”

Quiet again.

Sales Man: “Ok. We want to make the customer happy.”

I said thank you; still swindled but proud of the very first deal I ever made. I don’t know why but I felt a little guilty after. I called my mom to confirm I had done the right thing.

“You prayed and you got what you wanted. There’s nothing to feel bad about.” She also confirmed that I should have done my research before I bought it. A mistake I won’t make again. I let the feeling slide onto the pavement as I got into the car. Proud of the system I would use the very next day. I didn’t think I’d have any real problems on the shoot.


I wanted to start taking my cousin’s son one night a week in order to spend time with him. His father said it was ok. I had gotten to the point where I was ready to watch over a little human being for one night on my own.

I had food for him, games for him, activities in mind; outside from his clothes for the next day, shoes and rest what else did I need for a four year old. His mother has now been deceased four months due to cancer and I had not seen much of him when she was alive. Now that she had passed I wanted him to know who I was; I wanted to know more about him.

The week I was supposed to take him I was told he had no clean clothes to wear. I wondered how he was going to school the next day. But the nonetheless I went to see him so that I could spend some time with him. Last week I was supposed to take him again.

The drawn out conversation went as follows:

Him: Call***

Him: She home

Him: Ask her

Him: I’m not there if she says no I’ll bring him

Me: Her phone isn’t on.

Him: Ok I’ll call her fiancé phone

Me: Do you want me to come pick (my cousin) up.

Him: No

Me: I can’t believe you guys did this again. I know my cousin is not happy about you keeping him away from his family. We are both disappointed in you guys.

Him: Yo I was on my way but okay

Me: So bring him.

Him: Trying to stay cool her birthday tomorrow… It a lot right now… Planning something for tomorrow at the cemetery.

Me: I feel sorry for you but it has nothing to do with me seeing (my cousin). Wat y’all doing is not right.

Him: K well I’m coming give me a min

Me: Did he eat?

Him: That’s what he’s doing now.

Me: Please make sure he has his tooth brush, clothes, shoes and homework for tomorrow. I also need his school address.

Him: Ok.

Him: Hey tomorrow better he don’t wanna go no where he wit ***

Him: And his cuzzin so tomorrow u can come get him

Me: Wow… Cassandra is really disgusted with you guys.

Him: Don’t tell me who disgusted u never came and took him over night while she was here now u want to leave me alone

Me: Yeah she’s disgusted can’t believe your treating her son this way. I’ll pray for you guys.

Him: Mann I do everything for him not u pray for yourself I can’t belive u.

Me: Can’t believe you you’re really just hurting (my cousin) but what do you care? He’s only your son. Gn.

Him: I feed him take him to school new clothes I take care of him he good u mad cause he didn’t come none of her family help me wit him gn to u.

That last message was a ploy to segue into him requesting for more money. There are a plethora of things I could add to this post about the way they are raising my little cousin. But I’m not writing this to bash but to relieve a heavy heart. One of my favorite cousins and dearest family member is now gone. While she was alive she took care of her son. Now that she is gone I fear for his well being.

Last week when I went to see him. I watched him as he and his cousin played with a toy car and a bottle cap on the kitchen table. It was then my cousin ran his bottle cap into a very large knife with wide serrated edges; almost as tall as him. My little cousin is four but small for his age. I removed it only to see him run his bottle cap into a butcher knife on the same table – I removed that as well. His aunt and some friends were having a gathering in the living room. Who was watching the kids? I did – during the short hour I was in the house.

I thought of calling the state over the situation. My roommate stated the he might be worse off if I had decided to do that. I realized it was a coin toss. I only hope that worse does not happen to make me realize I made a huge mistake by not calling them. As I said before there are a plethora of other things I could mention.

But not allowing him to see his family worries me that he’ll feel as if I lied to him or he is unloved. The little one is very smart for his age; I hope that one day he will piece together that his father and aunt kept him from me and not that I didn’t want to see him.