I got a car!

What I didn’t do was get the car checked before I acquired it which would have been the smart thing to do. Within days I needed a new …something that monitors the air flow within the car. When I changed gears the whole car shook as if it was on the brink of explosion. The battery light also came on confirming my fear of “one thing after the other.”

Now I was warned that the car is old and it could last for another 5 years or break down. So far no break downs but I can’t say the same for my pockets. You know what I did though? I prayed. I said,

“God I want this car and if I have to struggle with it I am willing to struggle.”


Now what I meant was if I was broke for a week, yeah I’ll deal with that. What I did not desire were two problems with the car within the week of receiving it. YEEESH!

But I got what I asked for. And then some.

I told the previous owner about the problems I was having. She let her step son drive it around. It turns out the cap for the oil just needed to be tightened. Now there are no lights on my dashboard and my car is running smooth like baby oil.

At least until I hit all these damn pot holes. Can someone fix that please?

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