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I got a call!

So, a couple months back I signed up with central casting. A few months later I honestly thought it was a bust. Wednesday afternoon, it seemed fate had turned around and acknowledged me after I had been tapping her shoulder for so long.

Central Casting called me and asked if I was available to play a mother in a commercial. The shoot was for two days and it was $150 a day.

Then he asked,

Have you changed your look recently?

I replied,

Yes, I have cut my hair up to my chin.

I sent a picture via email and have not spoken to the representative since. Fate was blowing raspberries in my face. But the fact that she even looked at me has filled me with hope. Somewhere out there people are looking for black actors and actresses with locks who don’t have perfect bodies.

I’m so uplifted I’m only a little disappointed that I haven’t received a call. I can see it 20 years from now and never getting an acting gig and Central Casting calling me out of the blue because someone out there will want the way I look. Don’t you see how inspiring that is?

I do.

I’m getting a PASSPORT

Hello lovelies,

I’m getting a passport. I marched down to the post office and picked up my application.


Said a “woah,” to the $135 that I was going to have to shell out. I waited to get my money up and with little hesitation, I went in with my money, a completed- as -instructed passport application and 4 hobo-looking passport photos.

Well I walked up to Mr. Nice But Chatty.

“How old are you?

“25,” I said, plainly, as I bent down to fish the application out of my book bag.

“Wow you look so young. Look at this young lady, doesn’t she look like a kid.” I was glad that I had missed the curios on looker.

When I came back up the friendly attendant responded, “We only do passports between 9 and 2.”

Womp. Womp, woooooooooooooooooooooooooomp. I needed to pay for the application process before I used this money for something more absurd and less progressive to my future. So I went back down the next afternoon and gave in the pictures I took down the street – 4 for $12 – paid the app fee and skipped out the place feeling that I had accomplished something.

I want to travel. Though I don’t need a passport to travel within the country, I have big expectations.

So where should I go to first?


‘Let’s Get Together Yeah, Yeah, Yeah’

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I needed good head shots. How could I break into – wait – one can not go into acting without a head shot. That is literally the first thing they want; the first thing they ask for. (I had to make that about-to-be a question into a statement because the former would have made no sense.)

So I asked a former colleague – can I say colleague? I asked a former school mate of mine if she could take some pics of me.

‘Hmm a photographer I am not Inisa lol, I could make an effort for you if you want though. It won’t be anything spectacular though.’

They actually came out really well. I was late for our meeting. Please, people, when someone is doing you a favor have the courtesy to show up on time. Now, Maya was cool about it but that doesn’t mean she wasn’t annoyed. But she still gave it her all and I appreciate that.

I was really proud of how I articulated what I wanted; this is something I am still working on. And I communicated how I wanted certain things to look and we worked together to make it happen. I also took her advise and followed her directions; she was the one helping me out after all. All in all it was great day. Tell me what you think about my pics!

THANKS MAYA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!