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Apartment Applications

So, here we go.

I’m moving out. That’s right, miss thang is moving… in with a friend. I know the needle scratched that record.

Problems with moving in with the bestie:

Is this girl serious?

My Valentine’s Day


I told the security guard who works in my gran’s building that I was going out.

“In this weather?”

And then I thought about it…what better reason to stay in? But I was on a mission  to enjoy a show with a buddy of mine and then we were driving so the cold didn’t whip me too bad. Omar -HEY OMAR! – scooped me and after I made him wait 20 minutes – sorry- I drove to the spot, Ms. Champagne’s Valentine’s Day show. And we were super early, so we drove until we came across this Turkish restaurant.

To be honest – not that it wasn’t good – but it left me wanting. I had falafel disks, when I was expecting falafel balls and my aluminum tray looked sparse with the added salad; while Omar’s looked full with chicken. They did hook me up with extra falafels because it came with rice – another dietary restriction.

We went back to the spot and people started to file in. Ms. Tonia said she like my blue lip stick that Omar had expressed dislike for.


Grump was the creme de la ceme – THE CREME DE LA CREME- of hype men and MCs. He opened it up, he got the crowd hype, he came to where the people were at. But I’m getting ahead of myself. G baby Wright put on the cutest show. But I think he was rehearsing.

He and his dancers synchronized; their moves were fluid, like they channeled their chi before the show.  The theme and dramatic accents on each of their points were delectable.

Sean Battle, the only poet on the program delivered his eloquence of consciousness. Some poets wrap their lyrics around meter and time. But Sean Battle has such a way with comprehension that

he is able to wrap his  words around meaning. 20160214_231105

I saw what he meant when he said, “using our limbs as straight jackets.”  And my fingers snapped with approval after he finished a poem with  the line – that I must paraphrase – ‘with you, a queen would rather you used her name.’

Johny Bonds got up on stage and threw it down. But who stole the show for me, was Grump.

20160214_232932 (1)

This guy…

He had said he was once one of the top dancers back in the day but I was not expecting for him to come off stage and meet the people…with his moves. When he got on the floor people just gravitated toward him with their phones; they were his own personal spotlight.

He was spinning. 20160214_233953

20160214_233721Flexing and sliding.

Regurgitating the crowd’s energy. 20160214_233846

A rightful owner of the showmanship award.

He closed the show for me. And I mean that quite literally because I had to leave. See, I reside in an old folks home and my folks are old so I didn’t want them to have to come down and let me in late at night.

Blessingly for me, my cousin had spent the night and had stayed up late – as youngin’s like to do – so he let me in.

So my Valentine’s Day was thoroughly enjoyed. Tell me in the comments below about yours.