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What happens when I’m in church

I’m a tinker.

Getting ready for church this morning, I recalled an old friend whose personality and friendly disposition shone like the sun. All those around and whoever she came into contact with were starved for warmer weather.

I remembered thinking,

“This used to be me.”

People who often came into contact with me thought I was fun, definitely funny and my outrageous- ness earned me the consistent title of “crazy.” But looking at some of my friends and other people – who seem to exude these friendly characteristics naturally – I find that I am no longer them.

My crowd of supporters from my past has long since died down. I also find, though I may want to, I don’t as readily start conversations with strangers as I used to. Some experiences have molded me to be less trusting.The former is also due to my lack of enthusiasm for leaving my bed in the morning.

Without these characteristics [and others] I was left wondering,

“Who am I?”

Being pleasant isn’t always such a task – only when I don’t feel like it. This is the exact reason for my life long exercise. Even though there are some days that I just don’t want to be bothered, I have grown to realize I must suck it up and put my best face forward.

Part of a maturity task I have given myself is when I wake in the morning, I approach everyday as a new day. I am all smiles; all is forgiven, I am happy to see strangers, coworkers and colleagues. I will be pleasant and I will be kind.

What do I like to do?

I love to smile. Following a mistake, I make efforts to keep my attitude and demeanor positive.

A natural ability I have is to encourage people; I have been told this but haven’t realized it until sort of recently.

I like being around people; there are definitely moments I need to myself but I love a small intimate crowd. I love going out with the butterfly net of possibility and catching new experiences. Being in the house for long periods of time is not my thing.

I love to make people smile and laugh. That flesh and blood infiltrated muscle beneath my chest grows three sizes bigger when I make someone laugh or smile. I love doing that the most. But the pieces aforementioned aren’t enough to complete the puzzle.

At the moment I am still gathering the pieces.

Some truth

I must have thought finding a job in Broadcasting would be easier after I graduated. I thought my nice professors would be willing to help me land somewhere. And some really were. But I don’t think I understood the amount of effort I had to put in to make things happen; nor was I consistently willing.

The truth is in college I was not the cream of the crop. I didn’t shine that bright in my major. I didn’t work for it has hard as some of my other classmates did that are working in News right now. And I’m not sure I want it now.

I know I don’t want to let my degree go to waste. I don’t want to feel less than or be considered less than to my former classmates. Then I realized I am making this about them; how they will view me. I am letting that mindset fuel my desire to work in Broadcasting.

Shouldn’t my desire to work in Broadcasting fuel me to work in Broadcasting? It’s not about my former classmates and their careers. I wasn’t willing to work like them for News and I am not willing to work hard to appease someone else in order to be considered equal.

What I want is my own path. My choices and desires have to be separate from what I think people will think of me.

I know now it was not about them looking down on me but how I thought they viewed me because that’s how I viewed myself.

3 Questions for myself and one prayer:

  1. What do I want to do?
  2. What am I supposed to be doing?
  3. How do I achieve it?

Lord lead me to discover your perfect will for my life. Please help to be obedient to follow your direction. Amen.

I encourage you to ask these questions for yourself and say this prayer especially if you feel like me.

One love.


I got a car!

What I didn’t do was get the car checked before I acquired it which would have been the smart thing to do. Within days I needed a new …something that monitors the air flow within the car. When I changed gears the whole car shook as if it was on the brink of explosion. The battery light also came on confirming my fear of “one thing after the other.”

Now I was warned that the car is old and it could last for another 5 years or break down. So far no break downs but I can’t say the same for my pockets. You know what I did though? I prayed. I said,

“God I want this car and if I have to struggle with it I am willing to struggle.”


Now what I meant was if I was broke for a week, yeah I’ll deal with that. What I did not desire were two problems with the car within the week of receiving it. YEEESH!

But I got what I asked for. And then some.

I told the previous owner about the problems I was having. She let her step son drive it around. It turns out the cap for the oil just needed to be tightened. Now there are no lights on my dashboard and my car is running smooth like baby oil.

At least until I hit all these damn pot holes. Can someone fix that please?

Mexico !!!


My former choir director is getting married in Cancuuuuuuuuuuuuun!!! I have a passport so I am going in May 2017. And it’s super avoidable I will do a payment plan to pay off the ship fee – oh did I say it was a cruise? And I will save money for my air fare for next year! How do you save for travel? What are your traveling tips? Put it in the comments down below.


Isn’t she cute? Nyla Serenity Ransom was born today arounnnnnd…11 something this morning. When I got off the bus headed to the hospital I thought,

“I hope she’s cute.”

And she is just tre adorable. Small beady dark eyes, a head full of hair and a tiny long feet. Awoke when I arrived, she already had made best friends with her pacifier. I took the little bobo away – you know I had to prepare her for teasing cousins – and this one day old started hollering like Aretha Franklin. R-E-S-P-E-C-T.

Ok, my bad!

I put it back with a new understanding of what I was up against. Nala likes being held as do most newborns and loving arms accompanied by some soft pats stops the “waaaaaaaaaaaaaah’s”. I almost cried there isn’t anything like holding new life. I was so happy to meet her, I was so proud of her mom.

I was just floating.

I bothered her mommy about putting some lotion on her baby; had girl talk. Told her mama to put some lotion on her baby. Reminisced; told the mama to put some lotion her baby.

The nurse came in and reassured us that that did not need to be done so early. Ok, so I hushed…eventually. I am so happy for this new chapter in my cousin’s life. Welcome to the world baby Nyla.


I lost mommy’s car.

I went over to my gran’s house to give her $10. It was a cold evening so I asked to borrow her car to go home and I would bring it back in the morning since I would be back anyway. I felt something nagging me. Maybe because I could darn well catch the bus and not be bothered.

Then I thought about it later.

If I drive home I can’t share the gospel with people on the bus.

Shoot. But I reasoned that I would only have the car for a night. The next morning my internal clock really starts kicking my butt. Knowing full well that it is too early for me to be out of bed, I wrapped my blankets around me tighter and forced my eyes shut.

The next morning, I cleaned the bathroom and said good bye to He and She. When I walked out the next morning the whole right side of the street had been wiped clean. I’m thinking,

My mom’s car will be the only car out there.


How about there won’t be a car? That’s right I parked the car and did not check for the street cleaning sign. IMG_0211

I walked up and down that side of the street three times checking for glass to make sure at least the car was taken by the right people.

Oh. My. Gosh.

I went back to grab my lap top in order to google the numbers I was going to have to call. Then the idea dawned on me..

I have to tell my mother.


To be continued

Are you Touchy or Is it Necessary?

Two different schools. Students from each institution depict a disdainful moment in time for blacks and African American Culture.

Students in Upper Darby High School were asked to put on a demonstration depicting the 1920’s. These students chose the KKK. A picture of the students in white hoods circulated on social media a year later and ‘many found the picture offensive.’ Could they have chosen another prime point during the 1920’s?  Why, yes, I believe so. But, ‘In the 1920s, the Klan moved in many states to dominate local and state politics.’  ttp://

Upper Darby’s Superintendent implemented training for the school board and its administration. I applaud their efforts and I believe educating others is the best way to contend ignorance. But were the students depicting ignorance in today’s modern society or in the past? Were they promoting it as way of life or demonstrating valuable information?

Now let’s travel 600 miles west to Michigan. A few students from Grosse Point High School wrote the “I love niggers” on their stomachs to show …support for black people? ‘Eventually, the four students and two others who engaged in threatening behavior on social media were suspended for five days.’ A good way to implement a ‘no tolerance’ policy, I suppose. And Newsone does state the superintendent also took measures to implement diversity classes…next year.

Following the reprimands for the ladies’ indecency, each student participated willingly in the school’s Diversity club, BASE (Black Awareness Society for Education), to apologize. Grosse Point is predominantly a white school (93.2%). The percentage of blacks in the school fall toward the bottom at 3.3%. Other ethnicities come in behind at 3.5%. And  I’m glad the students and administration recognized this as an atrocity.

Now let’s compare both stories: one is testament to the hatred of our past. The Klu Klux Klan were not only present in demonstrated time period but prominent and influential. Upper Durby wasn’t promoting the KKK by showing that a white supremacist group held an important role in shaping this country.  To ignore that they existed would be to rewrite history.

The students at Grosse Pointe however acted out of sheer ignorance. I do not believe that even they understood how they profaned their bodies and poison the mind of others. It does however show how there minds are poisoned. Which is why those discussions and mixed race interactions need to take place; to prevent the past from happening again. What the students from Upper Darby reminded us of was the infection of our nations past that lay dormant in some human minds; and coveted as normalcy for others.

Students from both institutions were punished and both groups were accused of being insensitive. I only see ignorance from some students at Grosse Point. In terms of Upper Darby the ignorance came from the outside. The pass has happened; we should not ignore it but learn from it. Conversations on race and class are only ever discussed in matters of politics; where the lies are bigger than the politicians. We need to bring the discussion home: in our classrooms, in our jobs, literally in the home, to prevent lewd acts such as three white girls writing I love niggers on their stomachs. And so we can stop being so damn touchy about color. We should all be wise and educate one another. The battle is not over.