I bought my own equipment

So I finally did the grown- up media freelance thing.

I bought my own equipment.

That’s right I looked in three electronic stores downtown, Elizabeth and finally found what I needed; two wireless mics and a big receiver. I wanted two smaller receivers but I was doing an interview in two days; I could take what I could get.


I walked in, tested it paid $107 for it. Now this is important – but back to that later. I went home and tested everything. My mic wire was too short and I needed an adapter. I decided to take it back get the less expensive wireless lavalier that I needed.

I took it back and did not read the fine print on the receipt.

No refunds only store credit.

Crap. I did not have the funds to buy what I really needed unless I returned this. The salesman thought he had a better solution; he threw in an adapter for free and $10 wire. Which was double the value he was charging me. I tested my new additions in the store to see if my problem was fixed. With my situation improved I made another decision.


I was going to get that $10 wire for free. See, last night after I tested my equipment I wanted to find out how much of a good deal I had. The system I bought for $107 was being sold online for $40.

He had already overcharged me but he wasn’t going to get anymore. I prayed to the Lord, “please let me argue this man down into getting this wire for free.”

When it came down to paying the additional fees I said,

“I’m going to take this wire for free.”

Sales Man: “No. This is $30 and I’m giving to you for $10.”

“No, you said the wire was $20. And I found this same system online for $40. You already made your money off of me so I think I deserve this wire for free.”

Sales Man: “Sometimes people order offline and they don’t really get what they think they’re ordering-”

“I found this system for $40.”

The man stood quiet for a  while and then said…


I had to laugh.

Sales Man: “What you don’t want to pay $5?”

“No. I said I want it for free.”

Quiet again.

Sales Man: “Ok. We want to make the customer happy.”

I said thank you; still swindled but proud of the very first deal I ever made. I don’t know why but I felt a little guilty after. I called my mom to confirm I had done the right thing.

“You prayed and you got what you wanted. There’s nothing to feel bad about.” She also confirmed that I should have done my research before I bought it. A mistake I won’t make again. I let the feeling slide onto the pavement as I got into the car. Proud of the system I would use the very next day. I didn’t think I’d have any real problems on the shoot.


I wanted to start taking my cousin’s son one night a week in order to spend time with him. His father said it was ok. I had gotten to the point where I was ready to watch over a little human being for one night on my own.

I had food for him, games for him, activities in mind; outside from his clothes for the next day, shoes and rest what else did I need for a four year old. His mother has now been deceased four months due to cancer and I had not seen much of him when she was alive. Now that she had passed I wanted him to know who I was; I wanted to know more about him.

The week I was supposed to take him I was told he had no clean clothes to wear. I wondered how he was going to school the next day. But the nonetheless I went to see him so that I could spend some time with him. Last week I was supposed to take him again.

The drawn out conversation went as follows:

Him: Call***

Him: She home

Him: Ask her

Him: I’m not there if she says no I’ll bring him

Me: Her phone isn’t on.

Him: Ok I’ll call her fiancé phone

Me: Do you want me to come pick (my cousin) up.

Him: No

Me: I can’t believe you guys did this again. I know my cousin is not happy about you keeping him away from his family. We are both disappointed in you guys.

Him: Yo I was on my way but okay

Me: So bring him.

Him: Trying to stay cool her birthday tomorrow… It a lot right now… Planning something for tomorrow at the cemetery.

Me: I feel sorry for you but it has nothing to do with me seeing (my cousin). Wat y’all doing is not right.

Him: K well I’m coming give me a min

Me: Did he eat?

Him: That’s what he’s doing now.

Me: Please make sure he has his tooth brush, clothes, shoes and homework for tomorrow. I also need his school address.

Him: Ok.

Him: Hey tomorrow better he don’t wanna go no where he wit ***

Him: And his cuzzin so tomorrow u can come get him

Me: Wow… Cassandra is really disgusted with you guys.

Him: Don’t tell me who disgusted u never came and took him over night while she was here now u want to leave me alone

Me: Yeah she’s disgusted can’t believe your treating her son this way. I’ll pray for you guys.

Him: Mann I do everything for him not u pray for yourself I can’t belive u.

Me: Can’t believe you you’re really just hurting (my cousin) but what do you care? He’s only your son. Gn.

Him: I feed him take him to school new clothes I take care of him he good u mad cause he didn’t come none of her family help me wit him gn to u.

That last message was a ploy to segue into him requesting for more money. There are a plethora of things I could add to this post about the way they are raising my little cousin. But I’m not writing this to bash but to relieve a heavy heart. One of my favorite cousins and dearest family member is now gone. While she was alive she took care of her son. Now that she is gone I fear for his well being.

Last week when I went to see him. I watched him as he and his cousin played with a toy car and a bottle cap on the kitchen table. It was then my cousin ran his bottle cap into a very large knife with wide serrated edges; almost as tall as him. My little cousin is four but small for his age. I removed it only to see him run his bottle cap into a butcher knife on the same table – I removed that as well. His aunt and some friends were having a gathering in the living room. Who was watching the kids? I did – during the short hour I was in the house.

I thought of calling the state over the situation. My roommate stated the he might be worse off if I had decided to do that. I realized it was a coin toss. I only hope that worse does not happen to make me realize I made a huge mistake by not calling them. As I said before there are a plethora of other things I could mention.

But not allowing him to see his family worries me that he’ll feel as if I lied to him or he is unloved. The little one is very smart for his age; I hope that one day he will piece together that his father and aunt kept him from me and not that I didn’t want to see him.


Fridays are the days that make you happy for the weekend.

Ain’t that the truth.

When I came in the next day the students had most of the editing done.

I was impressed.

I hate editing but I must admit I kind of took over. I just wanted it to be perfect because they worked so hard. And I wanted it to be perfect. Due to us not having enough light in some of our shots some of are scenes are grainy. I symbolically kicked myself for this.

I know better. I am supposed to be their mentor. School. Degree, HELLO! But,

“What you shot is what you got,” as a former professor of mine used to say.

When we were done editing, our film would not export. We thought it was because some of the footage wouldn’t render. Maybe it was my music. We kept getting the same error message that explained nothing but noted ‘it could be this or that.’

I was upset. I couldn’t let what we did this whole week go down the drain. Mrs. Crooney assisted us. She was all over the place teaching but she still made time for my group and never complained. She was the one trying to encourage me.

Sweetest woman ever.

Other mentors also came to the rescue. Our last resort:

  1. Save all the clips to a hard drive.
  2. Bring it over to Tom’s computer.
  3. Import them into his editing software.
  4. Start from scratch.

I wrote down all the clip numbers of the all shots we used. And we did just that. Well they did; I had to leave. But…

We made the deadline.

Mrs. Crooney thanked me. She said I could use her for a recommendation. I feel like an honorary mentor in her class only because everyone was so nice.

The sad part about substitute teaching; I don’t get to the see the kids grow up. Real teachers have that privilege. I honestly would like to maintain the bond I made with the students but unless I worked at their school, that opportunity is slight.

But anyway; I’ll still be around.

Should Catholics and Protestants be Friends?

Let’s walk in love.


I know that a lot of people don’t like the idea of Catholics and Protestants hanging out with each other. Apparently, there’s supposed to be a huge fight between us. But the rift doesn’t end there. Even between different denominations there is a battle raging. Baptists don’t like Methodist; Methodist don’t like Anglicans and so on, and so on.

But what does the Bible say about all this?

Ephesians 4:1-6 says:

As a prisoner for the Lord, then, I urge you to live a life worthy of the calling you have received. Be completely humble and gentle; be patient, bearing with one another in love. Make every effort to keep the unity of the Spirit through the bond of peace. There is one body and one Spirit, just as you were called to one hope when you were called; one Lord, one faith, one baptism; one God and Father of…

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Mentor Thursday

Missing footage.

We had to go back to the house to shoot and reshoot footage. I was leaving from my house, so I decided to meet them at the house. But when I got there only Stephanie had been there to greet me.

I had received a text.

“Miss, where are you?”

“I’m almost at Ana’s house. Where are you? You should be there.”

“We’re at school we were waiting for you.”


I told myself to relax. Yelling and being upset as if I had a group of rowdy fifth graders wasn’t the way to handle this. There had been a miscommunication. Things happen. The show must go on. The students got there pretty fast.

We fixed are shots as needed. Redid what was missing and bounced. Now time for the editing.

Mentor Wednesday

My group and I went back to one of my mentees’ house to finish up the shoot. We were almost done! Then we could start editing early. We shot my favorite scene when our main character trips and falls. We made it flow really well. I am so proud of them. This was also my shot.

That’s right people; I made my Youtube acting debut! I played the mom and my son looks nothing like me. It’s ok we’re multi-cultural.

We are almost at the finish line.



Day 1:

I met the students.

“What do you want them to introduce you as?”

“Ms. Jefferson…is that too formal?”

I always want the students to respect me but it was important for them to like to me if I was going to be mentoring them. I met me group. No plan. No script. No story.

We made one.

It’s about… ah, ah ah. I’ll post the link when its done.

The kids are nice, funny; welcoming. I’m glad to have met them. Some are more involved then others but everyone has a role; everyone fills in when needed.

I have to remind myself to be patient. I have a chance to be a little less drill sergeant and I don’t want to ruin by raising my voice when we get off task. Which to be honest was bound to happen- Mrs. Crooney (the teacher) did warn me.

I had this idea of what my 20s would be like…it seems as though fate had other ideas.

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