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I got a call!

So, a couple months back I signed up with central casting. A few months later I honestly thought it was a bust. Wednesday afternoon, it seemed fate had turned around and acknowledged me after I had been tapping her shoulder for so long.

Central Casting called me and asked if I was available to play a mother in a commercial. The shoot was for two days and it was $150 a day.

Then he asked,

Have you changed your look recently?

I replied,

Yes, I have cut my hair up to my chin.

I sent a picture via email and have not spoken to the representative since. Fate was blowing raspberries in my face. But the fact that she even looked at me has filled me with hope. Somewhere out there people are looking for black actors and actresses with locks who don’t have perfect bodies.

I’m so uplifted I’m only a little disappointed that I haven’t received a call. I can see it 20 years from now and never getting an acting gig and Central Casting calling me out of the blue because someone out there will want the way I look. Don’t you see how inspiring that is?

I do.