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Moving on up!

So, no more substitute teaching. I have taken a job at a daycare, CCLC. I have a limited feature of benefits because I am part time. Which means I don’t have a permanent classroom; I get to float around. I wanted to leave room to still work production. But honestly since I’ve started I’ve just been getting more sleep.

But that’s ending soon.

One can not work hard and simultaneously sleep.

– Inisa Jefferson

I work with kids from 6 weeks to 5 years old. I love working with the babies and I wish I worked with them more often. I usually work with the big kids but they don’t need me as much. The babies are so needy which suits my personality more. I need purpose.

With the big kids you teach a lesson and then the rest of the day is pretty much damage control. You keep them from tearing things apart, from ripping each other apart; from ripping themselves apart.

Babies are fun to play with, sing songs with, teach them how to feed themselves and they very rarely talk back. You get to watch them make milestones. One has to feed babies and change babies; there are more tasks when working with babies. When the kids get older that luxury wanes.


Isn’t she cute? Nyla Serenity Ransom was born today arounnnnnd…11 something this morning. When I got off the bus headed to the hospital I thought,

“I hope she’s cute.”

And she is just tre adorable. Small beady dark eyes, a head full of hair and a tiny long feet. Awoke when I arrived, she already had made best friends with her pacifier. I took the little bobo away – you know I had to prepare her for teasing cousins – and this one day old started hollering like Aretha Franklin. R-E-S-P-E-C-T.

Ok, my bad!

I put it back with a new understanding of what I was up against. Nala likes being held as do most newborns and loving arms accompanied by some soft pats stops the “waaaaaaaaaaaaaah’s”. I almost cried there isn’t anything like holding new life. I was so happy to meet her, I was so proud of her mom.

I was just floating.

I bothered her mommy about putting some lotion on her baby; had girl talk. Told her mama to put some lotion on her baby. Reminisced; told the mama to put some lotion her baby.

The nurse came in and reassured us that that did not need to be done so early. Ok, so I hushed…eventually. I am so happy for this new chapter in my cousin’s life. Welcome to the world baby Nyla.