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Some truth

I must have thought finding a job in Broadcasting would be easier after I graduated. I thought my nice professors would be willing to help me land somewhere. And some really were. But I don’t think I understood the amount of effort I had to put in to make things happen; nor was I consistently willing.

The truth is in college I was not the cream of the crop. I didn’t shine that bright in my major. I didn’t work for it has hard as some of my other classmates did that are working in News right now. And I’m not sure I want it now.

I know I don’t want to let my degree go to waste. I don’t want to feel less than or be considered less than to my former classmates. Then I realized I am making this about them; how they will view me. I am letting that mindset fuel my desire to work in Broadcasting.

Shouldn’t my desire to work in Broadcasting fuel me to work in Broadcasting? It’s not about my former classmates and their careers. I wasn’t willing to work like them for News and I am not willing to work hard to appease someone else in order to be considered equal.

What I want is my own path. My choices and desires have to be separate from what I think people will think of me.

I know now it was not about them looking down on me but how I thought they viewed me because that’s how I viewed myself.

3 Questions for myself and one prayer:

  1. What do I want to do?
  2. What am I supposed to be doing?
  3. How do I achieve it?

Lord lead me to discover your perfect will for my life. Please help to be obedient to follow your direction. Amen.

I encourage you to ask these questions for yourself and say this prayer especially if you feel like me.

One love.


I made a connect!

So, being at the Art Factory has allowed me to meet another professional that works in the business. He was working as an AD for a short film when I met him. I first asked a young girl -not so eloquently – what company was producing the film. She could not give me much information because she was a stunt double; and she didn’t look happy to be talking to me.

I asked the guy who I had come in contact with five minutes before when I first entered the building. He made a point of saying how hard it was for newbies like me to get into the business without a connect. And he said he could give me some names. Maybe get me to work for some shoots.

As of late we have been in contact back and forth but no work yet. And the last two times we were supposed to speak we didn’t.


I’m starting to think I have to make myself relevant. (I was actually already thinking that.) That guy probably has so many things going on; why should he help me? Because we both are black? No, that is not reason enough. I’m going to keep bothering him; I can’t give up so easily.

That’s why I have been making moves.

Fridays are the days that make you happy for the weekend.

Ain’t that the truth.

When I came in the next day the students had most of the editing done.

I was impressed.

I hate editing but I must admit I kind of took over. I just wanted it to be perfect because they worked so hard. And I wanted it to be perfect. Due to us not having enough light in some of our shots some of are scenes are grainy. I symbolically kicked myself for this.

I know better. I am supposed to be their mentor. School. Degree, HELLO! But,

“What you shot is what you got,” as a former professor of mine used to say.

When we were done editing, our film would not export. We thought it was because some of the footage wouldn’t render. Maybe it was my music. We kept getting the same error message that explained nothing but noted ‘it could be this or that.’

I was upset. I couldn’t let what we did this whole week go down the drain. Mrs. Crooney assisted us. She was all over the place teaching but she still made time for my group and never complained. She was the one trying to encourage me.

Sweetest woman ever.

Other mentors also came to the rescue. Our last resort:

  1. Save all the clips to a hard drive.
  2. Bring it over to Tom’s computer.
  3. Import them into his editing software.
  4. Start from scratch.

I wrote down all the clip numbers of the all shots we used. And we did just that. Well they did; I had to leave. But…

We made the deadline.

Mrs. Crooney thanked me. She said I could use her for a recommendation. I feel like an honorary mentor in her class only because everyone was so nice.

The sad part about substitute teaching; I don’t get to the see the kids grow up. Real teachers have that privilege. I honestly would like to maintain the bond I made with the students but unless I worked at their school, that opportunity is slight.

But anyway; I’ll still be around.

Change of Career

Tues, no wait, Thursday I had an interview for a Paraprofessional position. This is a fancy title for teacher’s aide. I would be working with children who have special needs i.e. behavioral issues, down syndrome, physical limitations etc. Now I know what you’re thinking.

“Isn’t your major TV or something like that?”

Well I graduated from college so I no longer have a major. Yes I was working in production; specifically audio production. But that position is on a hiatus and as many young people of my day; I possess many hats. I mentioned before that I considered going back to school for teaching younger children. I liked it. Kids can be tiring but I felt that I was needed and I was living out a great portion of my potential. I liked that I had an important purpose and that I made an impact.

This is how I want my life to be.

But should my life be solely that of a teacher?

I was thinking working as teacher during the day would give me time to go to open mics at night. Also, I would still be available to take gigs; granted that they are in the evening and I can get home early enough to plop my head in the bed for school the next morning.

Not likely.

I will most likely be too tired to do a gig after school.

The day before – Wednesday – we received an eviction notice. Three days not including the weekend to get out with all of our stuff. My mother had me chauffer her to the pro – bono lawyers to receive an extension. After being directed the court house we received just that. Now this will buy us some time to get other matters in order.

I’ve already asked my cousin to take my mom in. My mom who said she would stay in her car …with her heart condition smh. I will find somewhere to stay. I’m not really worried. Maybe it’s time to gain some street smarts. I also tried to convince my cousin, a newly trained medical assistant, to work as an aide to make some money to pay for her certification. But she already has found a position. Even though its only twice a week, the experience she receives is invaluable and hard to come by. She’s not willing to give it up.

“If I leave this job i might as well not have gone for my certification in the first place.”

I see her point and I wondered how much of it held true to my predicament. My cousin however has a steady position in her field. I do not. So am I to go forward as a Paraprofessional or continue to grind until the gears come off?