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I made a connect!

So, being at the Art Factory has allowed me to meet another professional that works in the business. He was working as an AD for a short film when I met him. I first asked a young girl -not so eloquently – what company was producing the film. She could not give me much information because she was a stunt double; and she didn’t look happy to be talking to me.

I asked the guy who I had come in contact with five minutes before when I first entered the building. He made a point of saying how hard it was for newbies like me to get into the business without a connect. And he said he could give me some names. Maybe get me to work for some shoots.

As of late we have been in contact back and forth but no work yet. And the last two times we were supposed to speak we didn’t.


I’m starting to think I have to make myself relevant. (I was actually already thinking that.) That guy probably has so many things going on; why should he help me? Because we both are black? No, that is not reason enough. I’m going to keep bothering him; I can’t give up so easily.

That’s why I have been making moves.