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I have a secret for you…

And so the focus comes.

So long, I have been waiting for this.

Since I was a child I have had these intricate romance fantasies – yeah that’s what I will call them. That has been a landmark in my imagination. I love life but even when I am having the best of times I always go back to my imagination and think, “What if this happened right now?” Or I think of some alternate reality happening instantaneously.

I have a great imagination I am just figuring out how to put it to great use. My ‘Great Imagination’ is also my downfall. I lose focus and interest quickly. And since I have been recently submerged in a world of art and the neighbors are amazing, I not seldom wonder how they are so motivated.

What I do:

Wake up.


Roll over.


And go back to sleep.


I was speaking to great vocal artist named Elonda about what keeps her going. She says everyday she wakes up and goes to the studio. I said, “why are you like that?” And she went on to describe her motives. And I yell out,


She says,


You see, I was missing that. I was spending too much time in my imagination instead of acquainting my brain with reality. I wasn’t focused. Lately, I have been making a greater effort to be present. I listen harder, I read more carefully, I  form my words delicately behind my lips. God’s grace has brought me to the set of “Anchors” where I can build sets and be the sound girl. God’s grace has brought me to Gyroscope Radio on Rated M and working the sound board for the shows.

“Anchors”                                                                                     Working the sound at Gyroscope

IMG_20150711_192918            IMG_0157[1]

And remember when I mentioned the neighbors?


Ron has been training me on the shows. He is the owner of Gyroscope LLC and has structured the company from the ground up.


Elyse, the director “Anchors” – which is coming to a network near you –  is a freelance editor. She is building “Produced by Girls.” Her own website features her work; editing, videoagraphy while simultaneously featuring the artist her works are about.

I get to meet these people! And their fire rubs off on me. I love it. And now when I open my laptop. I don’t aimlessly search the web. (Well maybe a little). But I spend hours on Photoshop, I make a fb page, I work on my blog. I am editing a promo for Rated M. I am thinking of ideas for the next video I want to shoot.

I am focused.